What if we rethink church? What if it wasn’t just a place we go, but something we do? What if church wasn’t just a place to go on Sunday, but helped you have a place to go on Monday? The Floda Mission Church is an open place where people are welcome to seek help, knowledge, education, entertainment, or simply meet. It sits on a wooden deck offering places for various activities. By working with the duality of the physical space, which can be used by everybody, and the “space” above that exists between the Divine and humanity, the church keeps its sacral ambience although it is by principle a cultural space. Throughout the history, all churches were “oriented”. The word “orientation” itself comes from the Latin word “orient”, meaning the East. Such positioning in relation to the east no longer that important. However it is still nice to keep a sense where we are in relation to both local and global context. Therefore a grid based on the four cardinal points generates the rules for various elements of the building, e.g. plans, the floor pattern, the outer wooden deck, the lighting of the church hall, etc.
  • Status : Idea
  • Client : Floda Mission
  • Sustainable : Meeting place, shared activities, solar panels, greenhouse
  • Programme : Open church
  • Site : Floda, Sweden
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Johan Brandström, Jakub Jílek, Izabela Pavel
  • Project's Link : HQ Images

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