In October 2017, the largest housing event in the Nordic countries was celebrated in Stockholm and Gothenburg, "Hem, villa och Bostadsrätt” (Home, Villa and Residence). Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture was invited to make a free installation about the dream houses of the future, becoming one of a rare bird among the other more traditional exhibitors. We called our exhibition “Drömmarnas Torg” (Square of dreams), where we showed four examples of dream houses, and where we launched our manifesto about how more people can more easily realize their dream villas. Currently, many people talk about design, architecture and home decoration due to it is being built like never before. Only in 2017 over 10.000 villas are being completed in Sweden by people who think about them as the houses of their dreams. But how many of these villas can really be called dream houses? And how many of them will be considered fantastic villas even by future generations?

”At Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, we have analysed all the villas that have been published in the magazine Arkitektur over the past decade. We have also looked back in ten years of our own business and learned from the projects and processes we have worked with. Based on this, we have established six points that we think are the most important for creating real good houses and architecture. These points represent the dream house manifesto that we present in connection with 2017 Hem, villa och Bostadsrätt.”

  • Status : Completed 2017
  • Client : Hem, villa och bostadsrätt
  • Site : Stockholm and Gothenburg
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Francesca Suaria, Caroline Csemiczky, Mikael Stenberg, Aimee Mackenzie, Eugenio Pizzo, Arianna Boccalatte
  • Project's Link : Hem, villa och bostadsrätt

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