"Kjellgren Kaminskys strength has always been their strong will to create expressive and articulated architecture.. The Kollastaden School in Kungsbacka no exception in that sense.”

Per BornsteinArkitektur magazine
Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture’s extension to Kollastaden School, situated in the Centre of Kungsbacka, is one of the largest Passive House buildings in Sweden. The building is strategically placed to envelope a communal schoolyard between the new and the old, providing a playful, inspiring and sustainable school environment centered around the students. There is parking for both cars and bicycles and zones for the school taxi and the schoolyard is used for activities that support learning. The north facades, that face the schoolyard, are clad with fiber cement boards in a colourful and playful pattern, while the street façade has a more restrained expression with the use of brick, establishing a close dialogue with the surrounding park. From the beginning of the project, KKA were focused on implementing passive strategies that influenced the design such as the compact volume, durable materials and the angle of the roof which optimises solar gain. Internally, the building is centered around a colourful atrium providing privacy to the classrooms located in the wings.
  • Status : Completed 2014
  • Client : Eksta Bostads AB
  • Partners : Ramböll, 02 Landskap, Anna Törnqvist
  • Budget : 220.000.000 SEK
  • Sustainable : Passive house, solar cells, materials registered in BASTA and SundaHus
  • Programme : School: 6500sqm. Athletic hall: 4500sqm
  • Site : Kolla, Kungsbacka
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Joti Weijers-Coghlan, Michael Björeling, Mélia Parizel, Maria Syrén, Michele Pascucci, Kay Fang Chang, Maëlis Grenouillet, Sanna Johnels, Gaby Andersson, Paulina Kaluzna, Paco Pomares
  • Other : Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Awards and Kungsbackas Arkitekturpris
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Kollastaden School

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