How do you build a forest with respect for nature? Kristineberg are today, an area overgrown with forest, which became the starting point for our design. The houses are given a varied design, but still belongs to the same family as they are held together in its materiality and its modern idiom. We use natural materials, especially wood and with stone elements on the base floor and around all entrances. Wood is a materail that is in line with our ambitions for environmental sustainability and the building material that has the least environmental impact. Our proposal for the color scheme is soft natural colors and completes with steel and concrete in the same scheme. Laying the car park under the houses also allows the district to retain large green areas and existing trees. By combining different types of transport based on renewable and local energy sources such as bicycles, cargo bicycles and electric cars. The ability to transport is secured even in the event of a crisis. To promote these types of transport the district will be to advantage for pedestrians and bikers, but also with a sustainable hub for electric vehicles.
  • Status : On going. Land Allocation Win.
  • Client : Svea Fastigheter
  • Sustainable : Resilient
  • Programme : Housing, 135 apartments
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Edouard Boisse, Katharina Heidkamp
  • Project's Link : Kristineberg, Vallentuna

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