Östra Kvillebäcken is designed as a dense and vibrant neighbourhood with a strong focus on sustainability. Therefore, it is a Miljöbyggnad Silver certified neighborhood. Our buildings find inspiration in the inner city and its urban qualities. Artistic decoration related to the location and material treatment gives the buildings their own contemporary identity. The Housing estate forms a green oasis with islands of activity. There are natural meeting places with different themes along the pathway that leads visitors through the neighborhood. The communal hall is a place for celebration, overnight stay or meetings. Adjacent to this room is also a communal facility in the yard with laundry area and space for socializing. The homes are generally space efficient with few awkward spaces. In the design, we have worked with basic architectural qualities: axiality, room connection and views-through.
  • Status : Completed 2015
  • Client : HSB
  • Partners : Peab, Ramböll, Bengt Dahlgrens, 02 Landskap
  • Sustainable : Miljöbyggnad Silver
  • Programme : Living, 68 apartments, 5800sqm
  • Site : Kvillebäcken, Göteborg
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Sandra Nygren, Michael Tuuling.
  • Project's Link : HSB Kvillebäcken

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