At the edge of the inner city of Stavanger lies Løkkeveien 99 overlooking the older parts of the city. After a thorough analysis of the local conditions and the local building market, three main programs were developed to maximize the effect and to spread the long term risk of the investment. A total of 19000 sqm is divided into the three major programs – offices, apartments and a gym. Together, they translate into three distinct volumes, each of them given its optimal location on the site. The buildings carefully respect their surroundings while they have the ambition to stand out on their own. The public space creates a representative entrance to the building and visually opens up for the active inner space. The transparent entrance reflects the active life of the inhabitants both day and night. The program gives added value to the area with the new public spaces, the addition of new sightlines and a new fitness club. The fitness club resides in the existing building and can be used both by the people working in the office and the residents. It also gives the public access to a beautiful space with stunning views towards the sea. Løkkeveien 99 is made as an active hub for modern people living working and acting there.
  • Status : competition, not decided
  • Client : Thorleif Sunde Aksjeselskap
  • Partners : Tenjin Visual
  • Sustainable : Green space
  • Programme : Office (10 000 sqm), Living (4 300 sqm), Gym (1 300 sqm)
  • Site : Stavanger, Norge
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Ana Martínez Ibáñez, Jakub Jílek,.
  • Other : As one of five offices selected, KKA participates in a parallel assignment in Stavanger. Together with Tenjin Visual, we formed a unique team in competition, where architects and visualizers developed the concept together.
  • Project's Link : Slideshow LØKKEVEIEN ARC

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