Is there anything left to say about Heden? This unique open space in the centre of Gothenburg has been up for debate for years, but none of the proposals made seem optimal. Kjellgren Kaminskys design is the first that propose where more housing and offices can be combined with keeping the open space and its sports facilities. In their proposal Heden is densified downwards. Underground, two floors are built with parking, sports halls and premises. Sports halls from other central parts of the city are moved to free up potential land for new housing and office developments on other locations. With the move Heden is kept as an open space and strengthened as a centre of sport. The existing football fields can be kept and even expanded where the parking lot is today. A new boulevard slopes slightly sloping into the ground and opens facades to the floors below ground. The boulevard becomes an active extension of Vasagatan and joins Haga with Ullevi in ​​a continuous walkway with tree lane. The boulevard is activated by outdoor dining, greenery and opportunity for young people and children to enjoy this protected car-free city space. Along the street there are also shops, restaurants and workplaces. The sports venues are reached either from the submerged street or directly from the underlying parking garage. The street is surrounded by approximately 10 meters high facades, giving a section that will provide more sunlight than most city streets. With an intricate planning of the ramps, all parts of the street will be accessible and all levels can also be reached by elevator. Across the street a couple of narrow bridges connects Heden’s ball plans.
  • Status : Idea
  • Programme : Preserved Heden. Boulevard in hammock-form. 1 gym, 2 football courts, 5 restaurants, 5 shops, 10 tennis courts, 10 handball plans, 70 trees, 100 workplaces, 400 homes and 1000 parking spaces.
  • Site : Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren

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