An innovative housing project with a focus on social sustainability, which is in the first phase of the new urban development, project H +, in Helsingborg. We won the project together with Riksbyggen in a land use competition. The winning proposal has aims to create an environment of diversity, innovation, and sustainability. Placed on the plot is a residential building, with several commercial premises on the ground floor, a lush courtyard and living environment. The building is designed to meet the passive house standard. The proposal is designed with brick facades, a natural and sustainable materials, sourced locally. The colour and bricklaying are varied for each stairwell length, which provides a variation in expression. The facades also use innovative features to enhance the local environment, including a shining façade coupled to an Othello game on the ground floor and a wall dedicated to street art. The roof scape creates the building's fifth façade. Here are intermingled sheltered terraces and sustainable technology, such as mini wind turbines and solar cells. Portions of homes in the roof scape form separate studios with perfect northern light, this means occupants can run their own business in the same building, or work from home. The courtyard becomes a lush arena for the house's social life, there are growing boxes, terraces, bushes, trees, patios, bicycle repair and the possibility for a café with outdoor seating. A small commercial unit, up to 15m², with storefronts can be rented free of charge. You may apply to rent the room for a maximum of 3 months. Successful applications are rewarded to people who may find it difficult to afford a traditional workspace, and today might be sitting at home without being able to share their creativity and innovative ideas. Personal storage is located on each floor within the stairwell. Allowing you to have easy access to your belongings. Connected to the stairwells there are bike balconies where you can store an extra bike near your home.
  • Status : Land-use competition
  • Client : City of Helsingborg
  • Sustainable : Wind energy, Solarcells, Green roofs, urban farming, passive house technology
  • Programme : Housing + mixed use in streetlevel ca 2760 sqm
  • Site : Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Edouard Boisse, Raluca Constantinescu.

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