"There is not a detail, nor function or surface that is not thought through and carefully designed. The Swedish  building industry have a lot to learn from Öijared"

Per BornsteinArkitektur magazine
On the Öijared peninsula near Gothenburg, sits Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture’s Öijared Golf Club Hotel. The building respectfully relates to the existing Golf Club, designed by Gert Wingård in 1988, and the surrounding context. While Wingård’s is dug into the landscape, the new hotel is placed on stilts above ground allowing a close relationship with the forest. Strips of spruce, each with an irregular texture, decorate a deep red façade thus further merging the structure with the surrounding environment. South of the building, these slats are folded out to become sunscreens, filtering light through the building. Natural materials are used throughout, combined with a mix of limestone, leather and brass detailing all which blur the boundary between inside and out.
  • Status : Completed 2015
  • Client : Öijared Country Club
  • Partners : Moelven
  • Sustainable : Self-sufficient, local materials ....
  • Programme : Hotel (2300 kvm)
  • Site : Öijared
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Johan Brandström, Sanna Johnels, Mélia Parizel, Sofia Wendel, Michael Björeling, Maria Syrén, Paco Pomares
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Öijared Hotel

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