Paperfold is a lamp series inspired by colorful paper and beautiful collars. The different forms have been developed through playing with paper. But it all really started with a strong woman, my grandma. Astrid was one of Sweden's first teachers in sewing. She sewed the first clothes I wore and introduced me to form and design, she told me how to make beautiful clothes out of simple paper templates. The Paperfold series comprises six lamps each deriving from the same idea. They come in black and three primary colors; cyan, magneta and amber.
  • Status : Idea, Small
  • Sustainable : Recycled paper, flat package, LED
  • Programme : Lamp series
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Janina Rausch, Daniel Andersson, Josefina Högberg
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Paperfold Collection

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