We have explored a forgotten ocean of styles. From great grandmothers to small secondhand shops around the world we have gathered the inspiration we love and stolen it, as pirates. Pirate chair defines the need for change within the same concept. The seat is simply shaped out of one line, cushioned with an ocean blue fabric. The legs are made of coated turn wood and takes inspiration from whatever style it comes over such as bobbin, bowback, rococo, renaissance and so on. We have also noticed that there aren't any good locking stackable restaurant chairs on the market, so we simply made this one.
  • Status : Idea
  • Client : KKA
  • Partners : N/A
  • Programme : Furniture Design
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Daniel Andersson
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Pirate Collection

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