Our proposal consists of five different types of houses, all of which are inspired by the cultural history of Riddersvik and interpret it in modern times. We want the houses to be of a sober and clean style with genuine materials. HOUSE TYPE 1, it is inspired by the mysterious buildings in the manor house. The courtyards are developed in an innovative way with a ceiling over the airlock and an atrium courtyard that can be opened or closed to the surrounding area with a sliding lattice wooden panel. HOUSE TYPE 2, the stacked row houses have been inspired by Riddersvik's main building with sober and clean style facades in light brick. They have been designed to meet noise requirements. The entrances to the balconies are located in the north towards the road, but do not dominate the building's expression. The facade on Lövstavägen becomes visually active with movement at the houses' entrances and balconies. HOUSE TYPE 3, the city villas have been inspired by Riddersvik's main building too. The dwellings on the ground floor have gardens. The houses have been made slightly larger than in the structural plan to enable good apartment sizes. HOUSE TYPE 4, multi-family houses, designed with sober and clean style facades in light brick and concrete elements. In this houses, the balconies are recessed towards the street. The ground floor is activated by the fact that some apartments have small courtyards facing the street and with rooms in the corner. HOUSE TYPE 5, row house type alongside the main avenue. It has the same brick as the apartment buildings, but another detail design. The last row house on the gable has a roof terrace. Row house type is a variant of house type 5 as they are on the north side of the avenue they have balconies over its airlocks.
  • Status : Competition
  • Client : Stockholms stad
  • Partners : Matssons
  • Site : Stockholm
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Edouard Boisse, Théau Langlois

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