KKA won a land use competition for a plot in the new green district Rosendal in Uppsala. A residential project with strong identity that creates conditions for a tolerant and sustainable lifestyle. To create variety and at the same time a pleasant and permissive environment we let three volumes, each with its own unique character, breaking down the large scale. Golden Palm, Black Birch and Silver Spruce is passive houses with wooden frames and wooden facades with different treatments and details. The broken facades with sloping upper level reduces the experience of a high volume while letting in more light. The façade inclination of 15 ° is also a way to maximize the effect of the solar cells on Black Birch also the winter when the sun is low. The staggered volumes and a retracted ground floor provides an exciting and room creation yard and street environment that encourages residents and passers-by to stop and sit down. The location of the new city district in combination with its dense and green nature provides good conditions for a sustainable lifestyle.  That’s why the building has a safe and sheltered bicycle storage and its own recycling center that simplifies sorting. The possibility to urban farming in the yard and in a common greenhouse encourages interaction and becomes a place for relaxation. The Magazine is a community house on the farm which is also a project site where you can store and process this year's harvest, or perhaps build a piece of furniture. It is also possible to create a tingotek where you can book equipment and tools common to the residents. What grows here has its proper function. From delaying storm water to produce local food. Instead of decorative vegetation you can find fruit, berries and shade-tolerant crops like beans and beets. The rugged and vertical growing hops can be locally produced beer in the joint magazine. We let the courtyard be dominated by green crops and even let all the ceilings make way for a biodiversity.
  • Status : In progress
  • Client : BLKK
  • Partners : Bright Living
  • Sustainable : Passiv house technology, solar cells, green roofs, green factor 0,5, resilient materials
  • Programme : Residential with premises in streetlevel
  • Site : Rosendal, Uppsala
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Sanna Johnels, Louise Nickelsen
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Rosendal

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