Sege Park has a strong focus on social sustainability through features like sharing economy, the dining pavilions, laundry rooms and common balconies. An existing brick building preserved but renovated into a hub for all the neighbors. A place to gather and socialize. To carpenter, wash, repair your bike, let your guests stay overnight and much more. This provides opportunities to share resources and live a more sustainable life. A place for grassroots initiatives, study, volunteer and shops. Some apartments are designed in various ways to support new forms of housing with rent parts or collective housing. Kjellgren Kaminsky are together with Mareld, Hifab and Serneke one of the team that was awarded the land allocation in Sege Park, Malmö. The area will become Malmö's new showcase for sustainable urban development and up to 800 new homes will be situated within ten years.
  • Status : On going. Land Allocation Win.
  • Client : Serneke, Hemsö
  • Partners : Hifab, Mareld
  • Sustainable : Social Sustainability
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky
  • Project's Link : Sege Park

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