In case of alarm, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and their volunteers are set up to depart within 15 minutes, at any time, in any weather 24 hours a day. The sea is an extreme working environment, which inevitably demands for a safe haven at shore. This project illustrates a sustainable office building designed for people who are always on alert, ready to act if an emergency occurs. The new rescue station is carefully placed in its existing context. The house is angled to create shelter from the wind and the warmly lit gables are facing west towards the ocean and people in need. Exteriorly the building is divided in three parts. This creates a silhouette inspired by surrounding settlements and also breaks down the scale of the volume. The facade of wood shingles demands minimal care and is also a local material which gives character to the building. Further, the building is designed as a plus energy house with minimal need for technical systems. Nothing should prevent the lifeguards from doing the most important - to always, in all conditions be ready to save lives. The building for SSRS illustrates how a workplace in an extreme environment can be designed.
  • Status : Under construction
  • Client : Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS
  • Sustainable : Plus energy house, local materials
  • Programme : Office, workshop, staff area (556 kvm)
  • Site : Rörö, Sweden
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Johan Brandström, Edouard Boisse.

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