"Strandbaden was involved in the debate about the relationship between nature and culture, it raises questions about how the ephemeral contemporary expressions can be combined with many years of local traditions and it is the result of an exemplary process. Coy behind the pines rises a brave and proud building, playing peekaboo with her ​​black camouflage attire and playful mirrors that catch the pine branches"

In May 2006 the old dancehall in Falsterbo, Sweden, was destroyed by fire. The municipality launched an international architecture competition where KKA was announced as the winner. Our proposal is originated from the old dancehall, and like a diffuse recollection it reflects the position and facades of the original building. The Mirage dance hall establishes a dialogue with the site, its history and future. The building is carefully situated in a nature reserve and the pine tree grove surrounding the building is kept unaffected.
  • Status : Completed 2009
  • Client : Vellinge Municipality
  • Partners : N/A
  • Budget : 45.000.000 SEK
  • Sustainable : Pellets based heating
  • Programme : Dance hall (1200 sqm)
  • Site : Falsterbo, Vellinge kommun
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Oscar Arnklitt
  • Other : Mirage was put through by winning 1st prize in a competition and has also won the region of Skånes prize for architecture and been nominated to Swe-dens prize for debutants in architecture as well as international prizes as ”Great Indoor Awards” and ”World Architecture Festival”.
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Mirage

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