The buildings are planed so that their first two floors will serve as a natural extension of the public space and linking the various pages of the site together. The tall building is given a volume of four stacked boxes. The concept is a modern interpretation of functionalist houses stacked building volumes to the east of the square and the church of Sundbyberg composite volumes. The expression differs from Tuletornen where the balconies are the key design concept and are therefore not concurring with them.The matiera connect to the stone houses along Tulegatan. The base floor facades is dressed with a dark stone. Unlike a lighter stone or a more homogeneous concrete surface becomes natural stone less sensitive to dirt and if parts of the facade damaged it can easily be replaced with new stone. The other floors have concrete facade with reliefs and die casting providing a varied, yet sober facade. Balcony railings are manufactured in glass to give a light impression.. Materials and construction method is chosen with care so the building will age beautifully. Stone and concrete in the facade is more or less maintenance free. The balconies are SiO treated, which means that the wood is maintenance-free, overhead balconies also provides weather protection and the wood can be accessed seamlessly from the balcony.
  • Status : Competition, 2nd price.
  • Sustainable : Miljöbyggnad Silver, Svanen,
  • Programme : Mix of office, apartments and shops.
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Edouard Boisse, Carolina Ripoll
  • Project's Link : Sundbybergs Terasser

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