Take a look at Gothenburg from above. Like most western cities it is pretty grey and just the rooftops constitutes one third of the city. This area could be used better. On the flat roofs and in parks crops could be grown. On south facing roofs solar panels could be mounted. Small windmills could produce electricity. More apartments could be built on some roofs. The vision also sees the Gothenburg River as the center of the new city and to connect the city, the proposal utilizes new links to join the community and form a strong connection between the riversides. With starting point in the Gothenburg 2050 vision conducted by the city municipality the think tank Super Sustainable presents an architectural vision for a sustainable Gothenburg.
  • Status : Idea
  • Partners : Super Sustainable
  • Sustainable : Vision for a sustainable city
  • Programme : City planning
  • Site : Göteborg, Sweden
  • Team : Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Shadi Jalali Heravi, Jonas Tjäder, Anna Risell, Alessandro Micelli, Corina Bermundez, Daniel Andersson, Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Johan Brandström, Linnea Ericsson, Maria Martinez, Marie Löwenherz, Philip Ahlqwist, Robin Westerström, Vicente Castillo, Ylva Frid
  • Other : Exhibited at MIPIM and Göteborgs Stadsmuseum
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Super Sustainable Gothenburg

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