" There are approximately 25000 Passivhaus-certified structures in Europe... The Villa Nyberg, for example, set a Swedish record for air tightness (0,038l/sm2 at 50 Pa. The Swedish passive-house standard is 0.3 and the previous record was 0,07). The Villa Nyberg is essentially round, reducing wall area and avoiding thermal or "cold" bridges."

We have produced Sweden’s first series of passive houses designed as type houses, with the intention to make this sustainable building technique available for all. Villa Nyberg is the first one to get built and the house has been customized for the Nyberg family. The villa is carefully situated in the fringe of a fir forest and the living room and kitchen open up towards the beautiful views of the nearby lake. The plan is designed according to the suns movement over the day and the round shape of the villa eliminates the risk of cold bridges. With great technical skills and courage, we managed to create a building many thought was impossible - a round passive house with a hole in! Villa Nyberg has an energy consumption of 25 kWh / year and accomplished Swedish record in air density when it was initially tested.
  • Status : Completed 2010
  • Client : Nyberg Family
  • Budget : 4.350.600 SEK
  • Sustainable : Passive House
  • Programme : Housing (156 sqm)
  • Site : Borlänge, Sweden
  • Team : Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Daniel Andersson
  • Project's Link : Slideshow Villa Nyberg

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